Things To consider when choosing your Perth Limousine service.

There are many   different events and occasions that a Perth limousine service may be required for. Whilst wedding limousines are by far the most requests there are many balls in Perth each year and the requests for Perth school ball limousines are at their peak from Jan to March. Swan Valley winery tours, Concerts, sporting fixtures, luncheon and dinner transfers as well as birthday celebrations are just a few occasions that require Perth limo hire.

One of the first things to consider is passenger numbers and the seat layout in the rear. There are many limos with a J seat setup and the passengers end up wedged in the corner. A 10 passenger J seat version ideally seats 8 in comfort. Individual bench seats are by far the best option. Easy access is also important especially if you are a gown and heels or maybe not so agile any more. There are many types of vehicles that you have to crawl to your seat. Leg room is also very important as a lot of limos have a hump down the middle.

Is the style of vehicle important or not? Will it suit you event? Is it just transport or would you like perhaps something a little nicer or a standout limo?  Does the colour matter?   Cost is always important, so does it suit your budget?

At Perth Vintage limousine we have the most spacious 8 passenger limousine in Perth. With dual opening doors and the extra head height is has the easiest of access for all. There are 3 bench seat and ample leg room.  It is a standout vintage Dodge Perth limo and the rates are affordable. With its stunning silver and burgundy exterior is suitable for all occasions.

Beware of going for too cheap on your once in a life time special day, Amazing photos to look back on will far out way a few dollars.  Similarly, choosing the most expensive quote is does not guarantee the best.   Do your shopping and get a few prices to compare. The best way to do this is to ask everybody for the same set of inclusions involved in your booking.

Do your homework and remember your Perth limo hire experience for the right reasons

Ken Tolley    27 May 2021

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